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How To Create The Perfect Gift Basket For Bible Journaling

Do you need a gift for someone who is new to their faith or who is a seasoned believer but is looking for a way to grow in their faith? Creating a gift basket with all the necessities for learning how to Bible journal is a great gift for new and seasoned believers. Bible journaling is a fun and easy way to take your faith to a new level by focusing on specific truths in the Bible using your unique creativity.

Choose a container

Baskets are inexpensive, make perfect containers for storing journaling supplies, and are suitable for any recipient. Choose a basket that is big enough to hold a Bible and supplies.

Presenting your gift in an organizing tote is another option. These totes are designed to hold tons of supplies and will make it easy for the recipient to take their journaling supplies with them. This is a great idea for someone who travels a lot or may want to take a Bible journaling class in the future.

Bibles and books

A Bible designed for journaling is best and has stronger pages that can hold up to pens, highlighters, paints, etc., without a lot of bleed-through on the pages. If you decide to choose a regular Bible, make sure you get one with wide margins to allow plenty of room for creativity.

A book about Bible journaling for beginners will make a nice addition to your gift. These books are filled with fun ideas, examples, and templates for lettering and word art. Some contain sticker sheets and other embellishments.

Good pens are key

Pens in a variety of colors are the most important tool for Bible journaling. Always choose high-quality pens that are marked to be non-bleeding. Erasable highlighters and pens are also great for Bible journaling.

Select pens in a variety of sizes with fine to wide points to allow for writing as well as shading and coloring in larger areas. You should plan to spend the largest part of your gift budget on pens, as quality counts when it comes to Bible journaling.

Add some embellishments

Washi tape, paints, stencils, and stickers are fun additions to your gift. Rubber stamps and die cuts are also good choices. Stickers and embellishments don't have to be expensive and are one area where you can cut costs.

For anyone who wants a fun and exciting way to grow in their faith, a gift basket filled with Bible journaling supplies won't disappoint. And it's a gift that will keep on giving, not only as a fun new hobby but as a powerful tool to encourage growth in the faith. For more ideas of goodies to put in baskets, look at companies like Flax Pen To Paper.