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Crafting of any kind requires creativity. Knitters and crocheters need to come up with unique patterns for their scarves, hats, and other creations. If you're someone who creates ceramics as a hobby, you need to come up with fun shapes for your bowls and cool colors for the glaze. Sometimes, you might find that your creativity is lacking. You might need some inspiration and ideas. That's where this website comes in. Here, we offer fun and helpful information about various crafts and hobbies. As you read, you might pick up some new ideas for your designs, or you might decide to try a completely different crafting hobby.




Pints Of Paint: Using Small Amounts Of Paint To Make A Big Impact Around The House

Do you enjoy painting but don't have the time to dedicate to a major painting project? Do you prefer to paint as a hobby rather than tackling a huge remodeling project? If so, it's easy to find simple projects around the house that only require a small amount of paint and can be completed in a short period of time.

Paint a door

If you're looking for a fast way to brighten up your entryway, visit your paint store and look for a bold and contrasting color for your front door. Don't be afraid to start a new trend. When it comes to exterior doors, it's not uncommon to see bright red, hunter green, and royal blue doors sprinkled throughout the neighborhood.

Paint the back of a bookcase

One of the easiest ways to brighten up a boring bookcase is to paint the area behind the shelves a contrasting color. This is especially easy in bookcases where the back detaches and can be removed. Simply paint and reattach the back, and you can have a new focal point in a family or living room.

Paint a chair or bench

If your home decorating theme consists primarily of neutral shades, you can add a nice pop of color by painting an accent chair or bench in a muted shade of blue, yellow, or green. This will make a bold statement without distracting too much from the calming neutral colors. If your home consists of bold colors, painting a chair or bench white, beige, or gray will help soften the appearance of the room.

Paint an accent piece

Painting accent pieces is one of the most satisfying projects for hobby painters. You see results almost instantly and there's no end to the number of household items that can be improved with a coat of paint. Since the amount of paint used is minimal, you can experiment with new colors and change the look of an item to match the seasons if desired, or regularly in other situations.

Some fun accent pieces you can paint include vases, picture frames, crocks, buckets, magazine racks, bookends, wooden or metal storage bins, and coasters. Home office items, such as pencil holders, letter organizers, and file boxes are other good options for a quick project.

If you enjoy painting for a hobby, there's no shortage of fast and easy projects you can complete in a small amount of time. When you visit your paint store, consider yourself an artist and select fun and interesting paints to transform the most ordinary household objects into a work of art. Find a paint or hardware store near you in order to learn more about your options when it comes to painting.