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Use Vinyl Graphics And Lettering For Advertising, Privacy, And Decorative Purposes

Clear window decals and vinyl lettering are two types of window coverings that can be used to advertise your business. Clear window decals contain a design that is printed on a sheet of translucent vinyl and vinyl lettering consists of a solid-colored sheet of vinyl that contains a cutout. The main difference between these two types of coverings is that a clear window decal may contain many vibrant colors, whereas vinyl lettering graphics will likely contain a colored-background and a small piece of uncovered glass will represent a picture and lettering.

Choose The Type Of Coverage You Prefer

You've probably seen countless vinyl designs at businesses, and you may have not really taken into account how these coverings can improve a building's facade or advertise hours or services that are offered. Some business owners opt for a clear vinyl sheet that contains words and a picture because they do not want to completely obstruct their view. This type of covering is often found on business doors or storefront windows.

For example, if you own an office building and you would like your clients to be able to see into the waiting area as they approach the building, a small window decal that is printed on clear vinyl will advertise the name of your business and the hours of operation, but the glass surface will appear to be predominantly uncovered. A clear vinyl backing will adhere to glass and provide the illusion of an uncovered surface.

On the other hand, if you want to add a frosted surface to your business' door and decide to use a cutout as the design layout of your advertising, you could choose a darker-colored piece of vinyl and choose to have your design added in a similar manner to what you would expect a stencil template to resemble. As a result of this type of window covering, you and your business staff will have more privacy and you may not feel inclined to use window blinds or curtains to filter sunlight or block outsiders from seeing inside of the establishment.

Reuse Vinyl Products

Vinyl products that cling to glass surfaces can often be reused. If you are someone who enjoys decorating for the holidays, use small vinyl graphics to decorate your home or your business. Choose from an array of designs that are representative of different events or special occasions, or have custom vinyl products designed.

Get into the spirit of decorating your residential and commercial property. Use handmade crafts, wreaths, light strands, and other decorative features to enhance the vinyl pictures and wording that you use to cover portions of windowpanes or door panels.

To learn more, contact a company that offers clear vinyl window graphics.